The Great Sacandaga Lake

"Great Sacandaga Lake"

The Village of Northville boarders the Great Sacandaga Lake

The Great Sacandaga Lake is nestled in the foothills of the Adirondack Preserve and boasts a unique and distinguished history. Originally the Sacandaga Valley was home to the Mohawk Indians and was settled by Sir William Johnson in the 1700s. In the 1920’s the Valley was a booming resort town with luxurious and beautifully landscaped inns with golf courses, a sports complex, off Broadway Theater and amusement park with a roller coaster!

However, The waters of the Sacandaga River and the Hudson flooded with run-off every spring causing great damage to homes and businesses. Work to flood the valley began in the 1920’s and the great Conklingville Dam was put to use in the Spring of 1930 filling the great valley with 283 billion gallons of water!

Today the Great Sacandaga Reservoir is an undiscovered Mecca for boating, water sports, snowmobiling, skiing, fishing and all kinds of recreation. Historical markers and museums mark the great events of the area. Antiques and crafts are found little shops everywhere. And we boast some of the best lake front dining around! Unlike other lakes the Great Sacandaga Lake is still quaint and pristine!

Surface Area: 42 Square miles

Shoreline:125 miles

Maximum Width::5 miles

Water Capacity: 37.75 billion cubic feet

29 miles ( Lake George is 32 miles)

Average Depth: 40′

Maximum Depth:65′-90′ at the Conklingville Dam
Protected By the Adirondack Park Agency and the
Hudson-Black River Regulating District.

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