October 15, 2019 Regular Meeting Minutes


Tuesday, October 15, 2019

The Village Board met Tuesday, October 15, 2019 at 7:00 PM at the Village offices.


Present:            John Spaeth, Mayor

Steve Collins, Trustee


John Markiewicz, Trustee

Sue Sedon, Trustee


Absent:            Sue Eckert, Trustee


Wendy Reu, Village Clerk

Nathanial Matthews, Treasurer


Mayor Spaeth called the meeting to order at 7:00p.m. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.


Motion to approve the minutes of the September 17, 2019 Regular Meeting was made by Trustee Markiewicz, seconded by Trustee Sedon, and passed by voice vote as follows:

Aye:                 Trustee Collins, Trustee Markiewicz, Trustee Sedon

Nay:                 0

Abstain:           0


PUBLIC COMMENTS – Wolfgang VonBerg, from BS Troop 55, gave a presentation of his finished Eagle Scout project. He constructed wooden barricades that the Village can use during emergencies or various functions held in the Village. After the presentation, Mayor Spaeth and the Board congratulated Scout VonBerg on completion of his Eagle project.


Wayne Stever addressed the Board regarding Hunter Heights Road. He stated that the road is not being maintained by the Village and there are full time residents that live in Hunter Heights that are disabled and emergency vehicles cannot make it to these individuals. He stated the hill is bad and the Village has done nothing with it. Mr. Stever stated the residents down there pay a lot of taxes and get nothing for it. Mayor Spaeth stated that Hunter Heights Road is a private road, not a Village road, and as such, the Village is not allowed to maintain it. Mr. Stever stated that the Village allowed the development to establish in 1980. He also asked about reopening Mechanic Street. Mayor Spaeth stated that Mechanic Street was abandoned by the Village around the time the lake was formed. Mr. Stever stated there was an agreement between Northampton and the end of Skiff Road, which is a private road, and he questioned why the Village couldn’t do the same thing. Mayor Spaeth stated he does not know anything about that agreement as it is outside of the Village limits. Patricia Stever stated they pay money in taxes and can’t get anything for it. She indicated there was no trash pickup, water, or fire hydrants. Trustee Sedon asked who owns the road. Mr. Stever stated it was not owned by anyone. He stated all the property owners have an easement to use the long driveway for the purpose of driving in and out. Mayor Spaeth stated that the State has requirements and legal considerations for municipalities assuming private roads. He indicated there was a minimum standard required for a road to be deeded over to the municipality. Trustee Collins stated the Village should explore the idea. After continued discussion, the Board agreed to look at options and responsibilities of all parties involved in the consideration of a municipality taking over a private road and resume discussion at the next meeting.



Police – Trustee Collins reported that in August, 11 complaints were handled, two of which were criminal. He indicated that in September, 5 complaints were handled, none of which were criminal.. Trustee Collins reported that the Village’s OIC had been promoted to Captain at the Sheriff’s department.


Streets Highway Superintendent Dan Reidell’s monthly report was read. He reported that the crew was picking up brush and leaves and established the end of October as the final day for brush pickup. He reported that they had the old bank parking lot up and running for public parking.


Water – It was reported that usage decreased from 3,477,000 gallons in September 2018 to 2,303,000 this year. Water testing and operations were normal. Trustee Sedon reported she and Trustee Eckert had met with Darryl regarding water meter installation. She indicated he showed them what the new meters looked like and explained the meter reading process for them. She indicated that Darryl was developing an RFP to send out and they were hoping for more local bids. Mayor Spaeth stated that in his discussion with Darryl, there are 65 pit meters that should be in house replacement. The remaining meters could be bid out and the option of the homeowners installing the meters or allowing homeowners to contract with their own plumber was still on the table.


Fire – Fire Department Report for August 2019

Village of Northville             (2) Lightning Strike                 1

MVA                                   1


Town of Northampton           (4) Hazardous Condition           2

EMS Assist                         2

Town of Edinburg                 (6) MVA                                   3

False Alarm                         2

Cancelled enroute                 1

Town of Hope                       (1) Hazardous Condition           1
Town of Benson                     (0)
Mutual Aid Given                 (4)

Mutual Aid Received             (1)

Total Man-hours reported were – none listed on report


Fire Department Report for September 2019

Village of Northville             (1) Vehicle Fire                         1


Town of Northampton           (3) MVA PI                               1

Fire Alarm Activation         2

Town of Edinburg                 (1) Search/Missing Person       1
Town of Mayfield                  (1) MVA/PI Traffic Control     1
Mutual Aid Given                 (2)

Mutual Aid Received             (1)

Total Man-hours reported were – 7.5 hours





Code Enforcement – The monthly Code report indicated seven permits were issued in September. The Code Enforcement Officer reported that Community Heritage Corporation broke ground for the senior housing project on South First Street.


Dog Control – No Report


Joint Youth – Trustee Sedon stated that the end of the season meeting was going to be on October 24th.


Marketing No updates


Park Use Requests – None


Tree Commission- Mayor Spaeth reported that he had a meeting recently with two of the Tree Commission members, Carl Sedon and Chantal Daigneault to discuss concerns they had with the ordinance. Mayor Spaeth reported that the recent order for trees was put on hold due to inconsistencies in the ordinance. Mayor Spaeth stated the recently adopted ordinance calls for street trees to be placed in the ROW yet the terrace areas are less than four feet wide and trees require two feet around the base to give room for the tree to grow. Mayor Spaeth continued by stating that the Village used to have a tree program and in the program, there was not a restriction of trees only being planted in the ROW, some trees got planted in front yards of residents who wanted trees. He suggested in a effort to have more consistency with the ordinance, we should look at some measurement of distance from the paved surface of the street, and at the discretion of the homeowner who wants a tree, and plant them in that area. He stated that the Village would not be responsible if the tree was in their yard. He stressed that there would need to be an application from the homeowner to plant a tree at their property. Mayor Spaeth reported to the Board that he would reach out to the Village attorney and Highway Superintendent Reidell regarding trimming issue and other maintenance of trees that would be affecting the ROW.


LWRP Committee- Mayor Spaeth reported he participated in two conference calls in the past two weeks regarding the LWRP. He indicated there is a scheduled meeting of the steering committee on November 4th to further discuss the plan. He indicated the goal is to have a second public input session in the near future.



Bills to be paid from the General Fund in the amount of $ 114,656.23, from the Water Fund in the amount of $ 4,687.32, from the Joint Youth Fund in the amount of $ 1,154.52, and from the CD HUD Grant in the amount of $ 14,000.00 were presented for payment. Motion to approve payment was made by Trustee Collins, seconded by Trustee Markiewicz, and carried by voice vote as follows:

Aye:                 Trustee Collins, Trustee Markiewicz, Trustee Sedon

Nay:                  0

Abstain:           0




            Mayor Spaeth presented Local Law #2 of 2019 Revision to Chapter 139-Solid Waste          in final format for the Board’s review. After review, Trustee Sedon made a motion to move forward toward adoption of Local Law #2 of 2019 and schedule a Public Hearing on November 19, 2019 at 7 p.m. The motion was seconded by Trustee Markiewicz and carried by voice vote as follows:

Aye:                 Trustee Collins, Trustee Markiewicz, Trustee Sedon

Nay:                  0

Abstain:           0


Mayor Spaeth reported to the Board that the Proposed Draft Zoning was nearing completion stages. He stated the Final Format was being prepared by the Village Attorney and it was anticipated that the Board would be acting on it at their November meeting for potential adoption in December. Mayor Spaeth stated that Zoning amendments are considered Type I Action for SEQR and that the FC Planning Department has been completing the required documents to assist the Village in moving the amendment along. As such, he presented Resolution #13 of 2019 as follows:





            WHEREAS, the Zoning Committee designated by the Village Board recently completed work on a proposed new Zoning and Subdivision Law for the Village and has forwarded said proposed law to the Village Board, and


WHEREAS, the Village Board has introduced said proposed law as Local Law No. 3 of 2019.


WHEREAS, Section 617.4(b)(1) of NYS SEQR Regulations states that the proposed adoption of comprehensive zoning regulations shall be considered a Type 1 Action under SEQR, and


WHEREAS, the Village of Northville Village Board has completed a Part 1 Full Environmental Assessment Form (FEAF), and


WHEREAS, the FEAF identifies the Involved Agencies for this proposed action to be:


  • Village of Northville Village Board
  • NYS Department of Environmental ConservationWHEREAS, the FEAF identifies the Interested Agencies for this proposed action to be:
  • Town of Northampton Town Board
  • Hudson River-Black River Regulating District
  • NYS Adirondack Park AgencyWHEREAS, the Village Board desires to propose itself as the Lead Agency for the purposes of conducting a Coordinated SEQR review of the proposed adoption of a new Zoning and Subdivision lawNOW, THEREFORE BE IT   RESOLVED, that the Village Board hereby classifies the proposed adoption of a new Village of Northville Zoning and Subdivision law as a Type 1 Action, and be it further RESOLVED, that the Village Board hereby proposes that it serve as the Lead Agency for the purposes of conducting a Coordinated SEQR Review on the proposed adoption of a new Village of Northville Zoning and Subdivision law, and be it furtherRESOLVED, that the Village Mayor is hereby authorized and directed to send copies of the Part I FEAF and Draft Zoning and Subdivision law to all Involved Agencies informing them of the Village Board’s desire to serve as the Lead Agency, to ask Involved Agencies to submit comments back to the Village by 3:00 p.m. on Friday, November 15, 2019 on whether they consent to the Village Board serving as Lead Agency and whether the Involved Agencies have any comments on whether the proposed action may create any significant impacts on the environment, and be it further RESOLVED, that certified copies of this Resolution be distributed to the Village Clerk, Village Attorney, Town Supervisor and all Involved Agencies.            After review, Trustee Collins made a motion to approve Resolution #13 of 2019 as presented. The motion was seconded by Trustee Sedon and carried by voice vote as follows:Nay:                  0
  • Abstain:           0
  • Aye:                 Mayor Spaeth, Trustee Collins, Trustee Markiewicz, Trustee Sedon


Mayor Spaeth gave an updated on the Third Street property. He stated there were a few options that had been previously discussed for it: creation of park, selling it to go back on tax roll, and building a new municipal building. With regard to a new municipal building, he indicated that Supervisor Groff had mentioned a desire to create a museum for the Great Sacandaga Lake at the current Bradt Building and relocate the municipal offices to a new building. He stated that Supervisor Groff indicated there is no space for storage in the current building. Mayor Spaeth asked for the Board members thoughts on use of the Third Street property. He started by stating that he was in favor of a museum for the lake but not for a new municipal building on Third Street. He stated that we have spent two plus years working on a land use plan and revision of zoning which has kept the Third Street district as residential. He stated he didn’t think it was a good idea to put a commercial structure in a residential district. He stated there are potentially other options for creating the museum and a new municipal structure that does not utilize Third Street. Trustee Sedon stated that she felt it would be a good area for a park. She stated she sees a lot of kids playing in the street in the north side of the Village, behind Tops. She agreed that it would be a strange to have a municipal building in that area. Mayor Spaeth stated that he has been researching the Downtown Revitalization Initiative (DRI) which is a $ 10 million grant. He stated the Village has been encouraged by MVRED and CRG to investigate it. He stated Northville is well positioned to write a grant. He explained that the DRI was one of the only grants the state has that requires private investment be involved. He indicated it was similar to the Anchor Project Grant that the owners of the Five and Dime did recently. He stated there is no actual requirement for municipal match. He indicated that we could show some municipal match by the projects that we define and gave examples. He indicated that if we found a private inventor for the old bank property, the Village could assist him with getting some money through a DRI application and the private investors puts up 60% of the cost which would be counted as our match. Mayor Spaeth also presented the scenario of a municipal investment as the Village possibly acquiring the old hotel property. The property could be subdivided to resell the old post office building and a new municipal building could be built on the hotel side, after demolition, which would be fully funded by DRI. He stated that these were just ideas that he would like the Board to consider. Trustee Collins stated that if storage is an issue, space could be available to expand this building. He did agree that this is the right place to put a GSL Museum though and it could be tied into the existing museums already on the property. He agreed that Third Street should be kept residential. Trustee Collins stated he was in favor of exploring the idea of acquiring the old hotel property, indicated that it would also create parking in the business district. Mayor Spaeth stated that right now, we really need to have our money to put toward the priority project in the LWRP, which is the spillway, but he would like to keep the option open of moving forward with a possible DRI application in the future.



Mayor Spaeth reported he received a letter of resignation from Carl Sedon regarding his position on the Planning Board. Mayor Spaeth stated that Carl had served the Village for many years in that position and thanked him for his service. Trustee Markiewicz made a motion to accept, with regret, Carl Sedon’s letter of resignation from the Planning Board. The motion was seconded by Trustee Sedon and carried by voice vote as follows:

Aye:                 Mayor Spaeth, Trustee Collins, Trustee Markiewicz, Trustee Sedon

Nay:                  0

Abstain:           0


Mayor Spaeth asked for a motion to appoint Planning Board Alternate, Chris Draffen to the seat vacated by Mr. Sedon.   Trustee Markiewicz made a motion to appoint Chris Draffen to the remainder of Mr. Sedon’s vacated Planning Board seat. The motion was seconded by Trustee Collins and carried by voice vote as follows:

Aye:                 Trustee Collins, Trustee Markiewicz, Trustee Sedon

Nay:                  0

Abstain:           0



There being no further business before the Board, motion was made to adjourn by Trustee Markiewicz, seconded by Trustee Sedon and passed by voice vote with no one dissenting. The meeting was adjourned at 8:25 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Wendy L. Reu, Clerk